PotatoPotato only creates contemporary art and creates new art along with performing artists.

PotatPotato engages the uningaged in theater.

Potato Potato distrubutes the befinits from power and share their successes.

Potato Potatoes tries to give underrepresented some space.

PotatoPotato welcomes those who feel welcome and those who do not.

PotatoPotato has many methods and does not want to stagnate in a perfect method, because PotatoPotato does not believe in perfectionism.

PotatoPotato believes that art will give man what she did not know she wanted.

Potato Potato believes in utopian and solution-oriented statements – what other place than the theater would be better for imagining something beyond reality?

PotatoPotato wants to promote cooperation in front of competition, slowness in front of productivity, reflection in front of quick decisions.

PotatoPotato wants to be a meeting place for the deeply philosophical and those without philosophy.

PotatoPotato share their cake because it's the only way to eventually have something left.